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Wallamore Grain and Produce - Owners Simon and Kellee Ware.
Wallamore Grading and Packcging

Wallamore Grain and Produce is an extension undertaken by Simon and Kellee Ware of the highly successful business Wallamore Grading and Packaging.

Wallamore Grading and Packaging has been providing whole sale quality seed and grain to the retail industry since 1991, in the form of planting seed, grass seed, cereal grain and bird seed.

Wallamore Grain and Produce provides a fully stocked retail outlet for the Grading and packaging arm of the business. But it does not just provide Wallamore products. The store offers a full range of stock, horse, bird and pet feeds recognised in the market, a large range of veterinary products, a wide range of rural products for the land holder, polyester water tanks and a large variety of planting seed. And the range of products represented by Wallamore Grain and Produce is growing daily.

Backed by friendly and down to earth sales staff, who have many years of experience in the grains and rural industry, prompt local delivery, and extensive backup service, Wallamore Grain and Produce is fast becoming one of the leaders in the rural produce industry.


Wallamore Grading & packaging was started in 1991 by Bob Ware, who’s family had been involved with seed cleaning services for over 75 years in the Tamworth and Werris Creek areas prior to founding Wallamore Grading & Packaging.

WGP is now managed by Simon and Kelly ware, continuing the traditions established by Simon’s father Bob. The company is a major supplier to the retail industry of mainly cereal grains, producing some 3000 tonne’s of Seed Oats, Wheat, Barley and Triticale for the market, as well as a large range of feed grains. The company has an extensive laboratory testing regime in place to ensure high germination and purity of its products.

The company also has extended into the cleaning and packaging of grass seeds to match the growing demand for such items, including Lucerne, Premier Digitarea, Purple Pigeon, Consul Love Grass and Bambatsi Panic to name a few examples.

WGP mainly provides “public lines” of seed, and works with selected seed companies to improve product quality. They are also registered sellers for some PBR lines. They also provide a large range of bird seed mix, a range which can supply the right feed for any area of the poultry and pet bird industries.

Wallamore Grading and Packaging provide a comprehensive product range to retailers, including all individual serial grains, either whole or cracked, such as Wheat, Oats, Mung Beans, Durham Wheat, Triticale, Corn, Sorghum etc, packaged into either 20Kg bags, 40 Kg Bags, 1 tonne bulk bags, or just bulk.